My boyfriend found out I’m a cheap London escort and he is really mad


The only choice I had to be able to have a happy and comfortable life is choosing my career now. But sometimes you are not lucky enough to get all the happiness in the world. Sometimes there are some situations in life we have to consider because it will complicate our life. Somehow, you can have both at a time, and once in a while, you have to choose wisely and balance things out of which makes you happier. Life is beautiful and short; there are times we doubt our decisions because we always think of the feelings of the others. But we have to be real about everything; we have to accept things that we cannot pleased everyone to support our decisions in life. We do not need to worry about what they think of, more importantly, is how you can make yourself happy.


We don’t have a good life, we suffered a lot, and it pains us so much. Sometimes I thought of committing suicide, but I can’t because I realize that I will add a burden to the people left. I knew how difficult my parents are and struggled to support us even in little ways. I knew that every day is a challenge to them, asking themselves where they can find another food to feed us. Our daily meal becomes a dare to us. There are times we do not have food to eat and starve ourselves every time. There are times we go to sleep and dream about eating the most delicious food. I knew how hard it is to my parents to see us hungry and just watching other people living comfortably. There comes in our life that we have to go in the garbage and look for leftovers and we brought it home happily. We only have a little happiness in life, food in the table, water to drink and healthy life.


We knew how important our health, it is one of the most treasure and wealth in life. It is okay to work hard, but sometimes we forgot out health because of many reasons. Our life becomes more difficult when we discovered our father had an illness. Our life becomes more tough and difficult. We feel so saddened about him, the diagnosis was cancer, but he can still undergo some medications and therapy in order not to spread cancer all over him. According to the doctor, the maintenance is expensive, and we have to prioritize it before it is getting worsts.


My world shutdown of the news, I can’t look at my father closely because it will make me cry. After he knew of his illness, he also lost hope and change behavior. He does not talk anymore to anyone; he distant himself to us and don’t allow us to help him. My father becomes irritable and violent. He always tells us not to pity him because eventually, he will die. Even mom cannot control him anymore; I knew that it was a strange feeling for him because suddenly he has an illness out of nowhere.


I am also affected by what had happened to our life it becomes hard and tough every day. I do not have someone to lean to. I have no shoulder to cry and share my problems with. Maybe no one will get interested in us, we are a just poor citizen and have nothing to give in return. We asked for help from our relatives and had not pay attention. Instead, they threw us outside and been said of painful words. Why does the world have no mercy on us? Why we have to experience many problems us much like this? Until I met Jeff, who made me strong when I was weak. Jeff is a good person, a responsible man, and a breadwinner to their family too. He always gives me attention and later on become his girlfriend. Our relationship went well, I am happy but at the same time sad because of my dads worsts condition. I need to give him an immediate action, so I became a cheap London escort to finance him and our family. I knew Jeff would not agree with my decision and keep it a secret for a couple of months. But being a cheap London escort helps my family so much and enjoy my career too. My boyfriend found out I’m a cheap London escort and he is really mad